We want to deepen the connection between people and heritage during the European Year of Cultural Heritage and that's why we have chosen our theme "Make a Connection" for the year in Ireland.


WE'RE INvitinG .....

National cultural institutions and monuments to make connections with communities, i.e. new communities, disadvantaged communities, retired people, school children.

Local councils to work with their communities to develop projects with European links through our initiative with Heritage Officers nationwide "Le Chéile san Eoraip".

Local heritage sites and communities to tell their heritage stories in innovative ways to stimulate public interest and engagement.

Everybody living in Ireland  to participate in heritage activities, learn more about our heritage and make a new connection with it.
Visit a museum; get to know the history behind a historic monument in your locality; learn about our unique landscapes and wildlife habitats and the importance of protecting and supporting our biodiversity. Get involved in local heritage projects.

How will you respond to the call?

Organise an event during the year. Or if you already have an event planned consider applying the European Year of Cultural Heritage label/branding to it.


Engage young People and encourage them to discover Ireland’s wealth of natural habitats, traditions, buildings and museum collections at an early age is a central objective of the Year. 


Organise a local heritage project or get involved on a current heritage project. Local heritage initiatives can re-energise neglected areas, creating vibrant places to live, work and visit. The year promotes sustainable approaches to heritage management: instead of tearing down derelict industrial, religious or military sites, they can be repaired and re-imagined in a way that celebrates their heritage and makes them accessible to visitors.Your Local Authority Heritage Officer can advise you, get in touch with them. 

Contact Your Local Heritage Officer

Consider connecting with other European countries through a shared interest in exploring heritage, including traditions, values, landscapes, and history (i.e. exploring Viking routes, early Christian saints and their continental travels, traditional building techniques, industrial heritage). Heritage plays an important role in supporting social cohesion, both within national borders and across Europe, by shaping identity and building a sense of unity and belonging.

Participate - Get outside and enjoy your heritage -Walk, run, hike, cycle, swim, kayak, immerse yourself in the great outdoors. Visit your local heritage site or community project. Attend events taking place nationwide. 

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Embrace new technologies, digitisation and online access, such as preservation, promotion and new forms of engagement with our heritage.


How We can help

Promotion of Your Event/Initiative/Activities
Apply to the Heritage Council to use the European Year of Cultural Heritage branding for your event or activity.

Grant Programme
The Heritage Council has just launched a programme of grant support to enable  community groups throughout Ireland to develop heritage initiatives that will have a long-lasting impact on the preservation and sustainability of our cultural heritage.

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AND DON'T FORGET... to post
Post or tweet about your activities on social media.
Use the hashtags-#EuropeForCulture #MakeAConnection #ExploreHeritage