Does your activity help meet the aims and objectives of the year, and are you eligible to use the EYCH label?

We're seeking initiatives existing and new, planned for 2018 which meet the objectives of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The European Year of Cultural Heritage label/brand will be available for activities, events and projects taking place between 7th December 2017 and 31st December 2018 which contribute to achieving one or more of the objectives of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. 


  • Information, education or awareness-raising campaign
  • Festivals, including film festivals
  • Conference, symposium, forum, debate
  • Study, survey
  • Training/ workshops
  • Research activities
  • Visit, exchange
  • Digital projects
  • Online payday loans with rapid approval
  • Media event, launch event
  • Exhibition, show

Permission must be granted by the Heritage Council as National Coordinator in Ireland to use the European Year of Cultural Heritage label/brand. 

Click here for the list of National Co-ordinators across Europe. 

How to Apply to use the European Year of Cultural heritage label/branding

  1. Read the Guidance Notes: Guidance notes- Application to Use the EYCH label/ branding for your Event 553kb pdf →
    Notaì Treorach:  Lipèad/Brandàil Bhliain Eorpach an hOidhreachta Cultùrtha à usàid le haghaidh d’ìmeachta 503kb pdf 
  2. Submit an application to use the EYCH label via our online system  →
  3. Your application will be be assessed by the Heritage Council.  
    NOTE: You do not need to apply for the label if you are in receipt of the Heritage Council EYCH 2018 Community Grant scheme, you have been automatically approved so please check your offer letter for details on downloading the branding pack
    NOTE:  You do not need to apply for the label if your event is happening during Heritage Week and you have registered your event on Heritage Week events automatically are approved to use the branding.  
Apply To use EYCH Label/brand

What happens next?

  1. Once you have submitted your application to use the EYCH label, it will be assessed against the criteria for using the EYCH brand. Allow about 7 working days. 
  2. Once approved we will forward you a toolkit containing all the branding information with logos etc. 
  3. We will now request from you your entry for the EYCH web events calendar along with a photograph
  4. Your event will then be published in our events calendar and will be promoted across the Heritage Council social media channels.